The geographer spoke at an international conference 2022-03-28 12:55:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Rovshan Kerimov, the leading researcher of the Department of Demography and Geography of the Population spoke at the annual conference of the German Demographic Society.

The scientist studied the motives for labor migration from Azerbaijan to the EU, economic and social factors influencing this process, and also raised the issue of changing the interests of migrants. He analyzed the results of a survey of many potential migrants on these issues and compared the answers of male and female respondents, as well as groups of migrants that differ in marital status, level of education, specialty, foreign language proficiency, and work of interest. Based on the answers to the questionnaire, Kerimov expressed his opinion about the possibilities of adaptation and integration of potential migrants in the destination, the likelihood of emigration and return migration, and expected trends. After the speech, he answered questions.

The analysis of migration processes in Azerbaijan based on the opinions of migrants aroused interest among German demographers.