General Director took part in Caspian Energy Forum 2021-12-10 00:35:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

General Director of the Institute of Geography of ANAS named after Acad. H.A. Aliyev, Doctor of Geographical Sciences Zakir Eminov took part in the Caspian Energy Forum, which was held in the capital of the Russian Federation online.

Representatives of the Caspian states took part in the event organized by the Association "Science and Caspian Innovations", organized jointly with the Scientific Council for Geology and Development of Oil, Gas and Coal Fields of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as research institutes of gas, oil, energy of the RAS.

General Director Zakir Eminov made a presentation on "Environmental assessment of the natural environment of the Caspian basin in the Azerbaijani sector", which was prepared in collaboration with the head of the department of the institute, Ph.D. Zaur Imrani. According to the report, the

Caspian Sea, the largest inland body of water in the world with no connection to the world's oceans, has a wonderful climate and is unique. The largest stock of sturgeon in the world is located here (90% of the world's reserves). There are over 500 plant species in the sea and 850 animal species.

The scientist spoke about the factors affecting the ecological state of the Caspian Sea, classified the pollutants entering the Caspian Sea by rivers flowing from the Caspian countries, reported on the economic damage caused to the country as a result of floods, etc. “Azerbaijan marks the "Day of the Caspian Sea" on 12 August”, he said.

A session was held within the framework of the forum “Environmental responsibility for the development of energy and oil and gas facilities in the river basins flowing into the Caspian Sea. Potentials and Challenges ”.