Our employee gave a geographical analysis of solpugs (phalanxes) 2021-10-19 18:02:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

An article "Analysis of the territorial distribution of solpugs in Azerbaijan" by the leading researcher of the Department of Tourism and Recreation of the Institute of Geography of ANAS named after acad. H.A. Aliyev, Doctor of Philosophy in Biology Shahveled Aliyev, has been published in the journal "Science and Life".

In the article, the expert gave a geographical analysis of the distribution of solpugs (phalanxes) in the country, noting that the basis of the distribution of invertebrates such as spiders is air humidity and soil factor. He showed that they settled in arid zones - desert and semi-desert areas. This is especially important from the point of view of their geographical distribution. The role of solpugs, leading a predatory lifestyle on the territory of the republic, is undeniable in protection from pests and rodents, which massively destroy grapes, grain, vegetables, cotton, agricultural land.