Geomorphology and natural risk 


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Head of section:

Ph.D. Abdullayev Rafail Seyfal oghlu 

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Main directions of activity:







Compiling of small, middle and large scale geomorphological maps for all territory of the republic, study of peculiarities of morphostructures and morphosculptures of relief, types of relief of different genesis, relations of relief with geological structures, role of volcanism and newest tectonic movements in formation of relief, marine and river terraces, planation surface and their correlation.

Study of ancient glacial, gravitational, eolian, and volcanic, mud volcanic and other forms of relief; geomorphological bases the forming of karst and mud streams, dynamics of the coasts of Caspian Sea and Mingechevir reservoir.

The questions dealing with relief formation, historical development and age of relief, latest and modern tectonic movements, modern relief forming processes in the territory of republic with definition and mapping of the areas of their distribution are studied as well. 

Main scientific results:

The scientific bases of morphostructural analysis of relief were worked out, the genetic and taxonomic classification of morphostructures were carried out on the basis of morphostructural researches.

  At the results of palaeogeomorphological investigations were studied the palaeorelief of republic in the latest stage, course of development and history of relief, defined the areas of carrying out and accumulation of wash off materials, compiled the palaeogeomorphological maps of relief on five characteristic stages of development, determined the amount of denudational sections on the separate regions.

   Side by side with above mentioned at the department were carried out the research works having practical importance: determination of favorable areas for cultivating of tea in Lenkaran lowland and in the south slope of Major Caucasus; dynamics of coasts of the Caspian Sea and Mingechevir reservoir; geomorphological bases of mud streams centers and their streams in the south slope of Major Caucasus; with the purpose of determination of buried structures of Kur-Araz depression was carried out the structural and geomorphological researches; in connection with carrying out the measures on irrigation and melioration in the plain territories of the republic were carried out large scale geomorphological mapping; carried out the large scale geomorphological research in the gold-bearing regions at the south-east part of Minor Caucasus and complex researches on carrying out the gas pipeline on Yevlakh-Nakhchevan and ether directions.