Broadening the investigation of development regularities of geodynamic processes taking place in natural complexes of mountainous countries under the influence of natural-anthropogenic factors to create the systems of ecogeographical monitoring;

Estimating the level of ecogeographical risk of natural-destructive processes in the territory of republic to elaborate the scientific-theoretical and practice bases of landscape planning for the nearest future;

Continuation of the researches in new information scientific-inquiry system on the problems of desertification, which can exert influence on the development of economy;

Creation of different model variants of the global and regional climatic changes influence of anthropogenic factors on environment;

Investigation of the dynamics of relief development depending on endo- and exogenic processes;

Study of constant increasing influence on environment of the natural-destructive processes (mud streams, landslides, avalanches) and compiling of the maps of ecogeomorphological prognosis;

Working out the National Atlas of the Republic and electronic variants of geographical maps of different content in accordance with the demand of modern GIS.

In accordance with regulations of the Development Program of the Regions affirmed by President of the AR on the basis of social-economic development, labour resources and rational utilization of local natural resources of different regions to work out the scientific-practice suggestions and introduce them to executive organs;

Taking into account a great importance of the Caspian Sea in political-economic life of the country to continue its complex investigations, including to work out the model of prognosis of level changes of the sea, investigating the ecological changes taking place in coast and in sea, to compile a map of risk-prognosis of their influence on the Caspian Sea and coastal zone.