Mammadbayov Elkhan Sharif 




Place of birth

Sabirabad region, Yolçubəyli village


Date of birth

25 october  1959



BDU (ADU named C.M.Kirov   )


Scientific degree

Geography pylosophy doctor



Assistant professor


Topic of  PhD thesis:

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11.00.01Physical Geography of Landscape, geophysics and geochemistry

The dynamics of anthropogenic landscapes of the south-eastern slope of the Lesser Caucasus (with the use of aerospace materials)


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Over 50




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Basic scientific achievements

1. Lesser Caucasus in the south-eastern part of the natural landscape as a result of anthropogenic impacts, trends, dynamics and properties of differensisiya aerospace research methods and as a result have been studied on a large scale (1: 200,000) was drawn maps.

2. Kur-Araz lowland landscapes of the study area as a result of environmental and geographical xuxusiyyətləri, established institutions, and the map of desertification. Potential of natural resources in order to ensure the environmental safety of the landscapes identified and assessed.


Names of scientific works


1. Lesser Caucasus mountain forest in the south-eastern slope of the dynamics of anthropogenic landscapes. Soils. News of the Academy of Sciences, Earth Sciences Series, 1999, № 3

2. Influence factors on Why Modern landscape views ekoqeoqraficeskix Disclaimer prikaspiyskix nizmennstey (na primere Samur-Divicinskoy nizmennsti)

Qeoqraficeskie ustoycivoqo evolution problems: Theory and Practice. Materials of the International scientific-practical конференции, посвященной RK Institute AOCNZMO qeoqrafii 70 anniversary. Almaty, Kazakhstan. 2008q August 27-29.

3. Recreational resources of the north-eastern slope of the Great Caucasus landscape and ecological features. Natural farming systems, environmental, security and geographical problems. Geography of Jem's Works, Volume XIV. Baku- 2010


Всероссийская научная конф. «Современные глобальные и регион. Изменения геосистем». Казань 2004.

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 Pedagogical activity

Teacher of Baku State University


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Main place of work and its

National Academy of Sciences of the Institute of Geography,



The lead researcher


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Mobil tel.

050- 351-67-61










Elxan - geo@  mail . ru.


























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