Guliyeva Sevil Yunis




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Baku State University

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PhD in geography


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25.00.25 Geomorphology and evolutionary Geography.

Elaboration the methods of interpretation of morphostructures of mountain countries (on the pattern of the north-eastern slope of the Major Caucasus).


Physical geography and biogeography, geography of soils, geophysics and geochemistry of landscapes

Features of desertification of arid geocomplexes of the Nakhichevan autonomous republic and a measure on struggle against them.

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70 articles and 1 monography


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Basic scientific achievements

For the first time in republic territory there was researched the eko-landscape intensity, the risks created by it and danger estimation. Also for the first time the desertification problem has been investigated, degree of desertification of various regions is defined. Including, is the co-author of program TASİS on preservation of the environment of Caspian sea

Names of scientific works

1.Арид вя семиарид эеокомплекслярдя сящралашманын ясас индикаторлары вя дяряъяляри (Нахчыван МР тимсалында). Азярбайъан ЕА «Хябярляр» Йер елмляри серийасы, 2001, №3, v. 31-34.

2. Закономерности дифференциации ландшафтных геокомплексов под воздействием барьерного эффекта гор (на примере азербайджанской части Большого Кавказа). Сборник научных трудов «Страны и регионы на пути к сбалансированному развитию» Киев, 2003, с. 114-116 (в соавторстве с Микаиловым А.А., Кучинской И.Я.)

3. Desertification of arid and semiarid geosystems. Baku – 2011. 195p.

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14 years as a teacher in Baku state university

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AZ1143, Azerbaijan, Baku, H. Javid str., 31, Institute of Geography of ANAS


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+994 12 539 33 76









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